What’s New in the Google Pixel 4 April 2020 Update

What's New in the Google Pixel 4 April 2020 Update

Today the android April 2020 security update was released for all supported devices. And so that includes the Pixel2 and newer, so Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, 3, 3XL, 3A, 3AXL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. And it may be available to other devices such as Samsung devices. Some people were seeing it as early as late last week to release to their device. But that's up to the manufacturers to release those. So you may see that within the coming weeks if you don't already see it.  So let’s check what’s new in the Google Pixel 4 April 2020 update.

Size of the Update

Now, this one is fairly large, If you're installing it directly onto the phone sideloading any of those things it's going to be about 2 GB. if you're installing it OTA it's going to be very small, usually under 50 GB in some cases, as little as15 MB depending on your device.

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Pixel 4 Update build No.

The Update build No. is 10 (QQ2A.200405.005) and this particular update brings bug fixes a lot of Security updates and one major feature that we've wanted for the Pixel 4 and 4XL for quite some time.

What’s New in the Google Pixel 4 latest update

That has to do with the face unlock. Now, One of the major flaws of the Pixel 4 and 4XL is you could unlock the device using face unlock. If your eyes are closed, they've since fixed that. So if we go into device settings and we'll go under security, then we'll go to face unlock. First of all, Put your pin, we now have the option to require eyes to be opened and always require confirmation. So we now have this for face unlock so if we turn on , it will not unlock without your eyes open at that time. So don’t forget to turn on this new feature because it works pretty well.

require eyes to be opened Feature

Now there are three fixes that apply to all supported devices. So the first thing is, they fixed the memory leak, which can prevent additional BLE connections that's fixed on all Pixel Devices from the to newer.

They also have a fix for dropped Bluetooth audio input in the call In certain scenarios. so If you were having Bluetooth issues with calls or call quality and things like that, expect that to be resolved now.

Finally, there's a framework fix for occasional lag when opening the keyboard within a certain app. So if you're using the Gboard (Google Keyboard), maybe in a specific app whatever that app might be, It should be fixed. Now that's really it for any of the major features that's not very exciting.

Pixel 4 latest update Security Patches

There are a lot of Security Patches, first of all, there are Seven Framework Security Patches, two media framework Security Patches, four system Security Patches. There are five Kernal component Patches, Three FPC Component Patches, 15 Qualcomm Component Patches and 33 Qualcomm closed Source Security Components. So a lot of different security patches in this particular update.

Battery Life & Performance

Currently, the device (Pixel 4) is running on Android 11 and batteries pretty much the same on all of these versions. Speed so far this is only been installed for a little while so the speed is pretty good in general. It's working well when it was installing apps.

Final verdict

in general, everything's nice and fast going into styles and wallpapers and things like that so everything seems to be acting as you would expect. If you have a Pixel 4, 4XL or any of the older ones, expect the performance to be the same or better. With those fixes to things like the keyboard in certain apps. Now that's it for this particular update. It's a pretty short one, but let me know if you found anything else in the comments below.

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