How To Disable Lock Screen Wallpaper Carousel In MIUI

How to disable/remove wallpaper carousel in Xiaomi devices

Nowadays we are all aware of the name of the Xiaomi smartphone. Xiaomi is a company that has made a name for itself by offering a smartphone with high-end specifications at a low price. If you are a Xiaomi device user running MIUI skin, then you know the wallpaper carousel. Not only hardware, XIaomi also gives its users a great UI (MIUI) experience. Recently Xiaomi released the MIUI 11 update for their smartphones. All MIUI based smartphones come with carousel wallpaper and it is activated by default on the lock screen. Because MIUI wants to show a new fresh wallpaper whenever its users unlock their phone. So that’s why MIUI uses WC on their smartphones. So in this guide, we will show you how you can disable the Lock screen Wallpaper carousel in MIUI.

Disable Wallpaper Carousel Slideshow on Lock Screen

We try to disable Wallpaper Carousel on Redmi Note 6 Pro but you can try the process on any MIUI based phone.

  • Go to your Xiaomi device settings.

  • Under Settings tap on Wallpaper.

  • Tap on Wallpaper carousal under lock screen.

  • Under categories, uncheck all the options which you don't want to display.

  • So in this way you can Disable the Wallpaper Slideshow on your phone.

  • However you can disable this, but if you are sure that you don't need this feature anymore, you can go ahead and uninstall it.

  • The installation process is also very simple.

  • Go to Settings > Installed apps

  • Find the app “Wallpaper carousal”

  • Tap uninstall. The device which supports the Google camera.

So in this way you can permanently disable or uninstall the wallpaper carousel feature on your device.

Disable using MIUI Theme

The above feature helps you to permanently disable the Wallpaper Carousel application on MIUI based devices. Now how you can disable the MIUI lock screen wallpaper using a theme, on any MIUI device if you change the theme, the WC should get automatically disabled. Because all themes in MIUI support their own lock screen wallpaper and slide show, if you change the theme then you get a new theme wallpaper and of course, you can also change it.

Final verdict

Therefore, at the last moment, the final decision is that the above method shows you all kinds of processes and what you want to try depends on you because all the process is unique. Personally, I recommend you to don't uninstall the wallpaper carousel.

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