How to access websites which are blocked by Government (DOT COMPLIANCE)

How to Fix you are not authorized to access this web page as per the DOT COMPLIANCE

Dot Compliance: If you are an internet user, you may have faced this issue many times in your life. Now what is dot compliance, sometimes you access a webpage, but you get an error message that you are not authorized to access this web page as per DOT COMPLIANCE. You can face this problem on any browser and any platform like your Chrome browser and your Android and Windows platform. The reason behind this is that the error does not come from you, an error comes from the government because our government does not want you to access this web page.

What is DOT COMPLIANCE issue

We are here to fix the issue of DOT COMPLIANCE, but what is Dot Compliance. This error occurred because the government does not want you to use the website. Sometimes some websites do not follow government guidelines, such as the website containing pirated content such as newly released movies, upcoming TV shows, illegal software, cracked software and the like. So, in that case, the government block the site and that why you cannot access the website. So the next time you get this message, then guess that the government has blocked this website. There are many websites that have been banned by the Indian government such as porn websites, in China and Pakistan, you cannot visit Facebook or YouTube.

How to Remove DOT COMPLIANCE Error Message

If a website is banned by the government in a country, then you cannot access this website. But this does not mean that you cannot access that website. So if you change your device or network location mean using the VPN services you can access the website on your particular devices. A website that is banned in India is not necessarily banned in another country. So, in that case, you can access the website using some tricks.   

How to access websites which are blocked by Government

Now if you have read the above material, then you know what Dot compliance is and why this error occurred, now it is time to solve this problem. There are many ways to access a website which is banned by the government, follow the given solution which you can see below.

Access Blocked website using VPN

VPN is one of the best tools to access a blocked or DOT COMPLIANCE website. Basically, VPN block the ISP (Internet Service Providers) from knowing your online activities. VPN is a tool that hides your data by sending your traffic to another location. It’s also Hide your real IP address and other detail.

There are many VPN Services are available on the Internet by choosing the best is a bit complicated and apart from these most of the VPN programs and services are Paid. However, paid Apps or software gives you more features but there are many free VPN services also available. How to hide tagged photos on Facebook. 

If you are an android user then you can use the Master VPN, Opera VPN, and VPN Proxy. If you ask me, I am currently using Nord VPN, which is paid, but it works like a charm.

How to use a VPN app

  • Using a VPN is quite easy just to download and install the App.

  • After downloading and installing launch the app.

  • Follow the instruction. Save Screenshot as a PDF.

  • Select any foreign location in the App, that’s it.

  • Once connected you will see a Key Shaped icon on the status bar.

  • Now you can access the DOT COMPLIANCE website in your country.

How to bypass DOT COMPLIANCE issue on Windows and MAC PC

You can access the dot compliance website on your windows and mac pc using the VPN. As you have seen I’m using the NordVPN which is also working on Windows and MAC Platform. But if you want to use a free VPN tool then we recommend you, install the HOLA VPN extension on your browser. using the HOLA VPN you can apply to Bypass Dot Compliance restriction on Web Browsers Like Chrome, Mozilla or Opera

Access blocked a website using Ultra Surf

VPN is the best and easiest way to access a blocked website on your Android, Windows and Mac platforms. But in some cases, if you did not want to install the VPN then try the UltraSurf on your PC, the app or software only works on desktop. Change MAC Address on android.

If you are trying to access a dot compliance website on pc then you need to install the UltraSurf application. Through the UltraSurf application, you can easily visit the blocked website. You can select a particular location and time according to your preferences. So first of all download and install the UltraSurf application on your desktop and use it to access the blocked website.

Using the Proxy Sites

If you do not want to use both of them then lastly try the Proxy Site feature. There are many proxy sites available on the internet which provides you a secure on your default location.

and much more

Go to any website you can see above. After visiting the proxy sites enter the required URL which is blocked by the government or dot Compliance. Now you can easily access the websites.

Final Verdict

So, at last, the final verdict is that if you are facing any dot compliance issues during the web surf then try one of the methods to fix the issue.

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