How to Change Mac Address on Android Root and Without Root

How to Change MAC Address on Android

Are you thinking of changing the MAC address of your Android phone, if your answer is yes then you are in the right place? It is quite easy to change the MAC address if your device is rooted. There are many apps available on the Play Store that help you change the MAC address of your Android device. Many of them work only on rooted devices. Every smartphone, tablet, computer machine has a unique 12-digit address. Which we called MAC (Media Access Control) address. So here you can see a step by step guide, how to change MAC address on an Android Phone with root and without Root.

What is MAC Address

MAC Address (Media Access Control) is a unique assigned to the network interface of a device. The MAC address is assigned by the developer to all devices like computers, Smartphones, Bluetooth, Network adapter, and WiFi devices, etc.  So this means that your network adaptor has one, as well as Your Phone, Tablet and Computer. These addresses (MAC) are used to identify devices on a network. An IP address is assigned by the network interface while MAC addresses are fixed to the devices and specified by the manufacturer. You can not change the MAC address of a device unless you change the network hardware itself but there are many ways to change the OS into broadcasting into a different MAC address to the network. Best TWRP Alternative.

Why You Need To Change MAC Address?

There are several reasons why you may need to change your device's MAC address. Best Ringtone Maker App.


So very first in the list is privacy. This is the most important reason to change a device MAC address.  Anyone in your local Network can easily track or see your device MAC address with simple tools. This allows a hacker to potentially monitor your device. There are more chances of hacking when you are connected to public networks.

Misuse of MAC address

If your device MAC address (original) is public manifest, a hacker uses it to misuse. On many networks is based on a white list which means only some known MAC address is connected with your router network. So when you go offline Hacker can use your MAC address. Install Android 10 Right now.

Limited Access

This is my real reason to change my device's MAC address. If you want to access a network which accesses based on MAC address, you can change the MAC address of the device you want to access but make sure the MAC address has actually access the network. Remove sound from video.


Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) often uses your MAC address to identify your Internet connection. If your network stops working, then changing the MAC address is also useful for you. Remotely access android device

How to find MAC address  on Android

Okay, now let's move forward to the process and the first thing is how to find the MAC address on your device. So it's quite easy to access your device (Android) MAC address.

First of all to your device Settings> About Phone > Scroll down a bit and you can see wifi MAC address (Stock Android).

How to find MAc Address

Another way to know your phone's MAC address > go to device settings> Network & Internet > wifi > wifi preferences > Advanced > MAC address.

MAC Address on android

The process is the same on Samsung devices> Settings>About Phone>Status>WIFI MAC Address.

So these are some simple ways to access or know your device's MAC address.

How to Spoof MAC address Android

As you have read above, I will show you two ways to change the MAC address on your Android phone.

  • Without Root

  • With Root Access Permission

Change MAC address without Root

Even your android Phone doesn't have root access, it’s still possible to change the MAC address on it. So just follow the steps given below.


When giving a new MAC address, keep in mind that you should not change the name of the manufacturer. The first six digits of the MAC address represent the name of the manufacturer, so if you change it you may face an authentication issue. So try to change only the last 6 digits of the MAC address.

You have already seen how you can view or access your device MAC address. So first of all note down the old or original MAC address of your device. Just in case if you want to revert back to it later.

Now Download an App Called, Terminal Emulator for Android from the Google Play Store.

Terminal Emulator

After downloading and Installing launch the app and type your first command IP link

A whole lot of information will get pop-up to your device screen, scroll down a bit and check value link/ether and check the value matches the MAC address of your android device. In my case it is wlan0. In modern devices the wifi name will be wlan0. So my MAC address is a match with a terminal emulator.

Now type the following command to change the MAC address.

Type ip link set wlan0 XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY’

Replace wlan0 with your desired name and XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY with the new MAC address you want to change to.

Now type one more command to verify the new MAC address.

iplink show [interface_name] or You can also check it by going to your device settings.


Even the process is without root but only works on devices with Mediatek processors. Your MAC address will go back to the original one if you restart your device.

Spoof MAC address with Root

This method works only a rooted device so make sure that your device is rooted. Now go to the play store and download the Busybox app.  After downloading launch the Busybox and tap on the install button and you are good to go. Root with Magisk.

  • After this, Install a Terminal emulator app on your device.

  • Launch the terminal window app and type your first command SU.

  • It will prompt you for root access permission. Tap on Allow.

  • Now again repeat the same above process. Type ip link show and hit enter.

  • Now enter the following command.

  • busybox ip link show wlan0, wlan0 is my network interface name, it may be eth0 or different in your device.

  • This command will show your MAC address.

  • To change the MAC address, type the following command and hit enter: ‘busybox ifconfig wlan0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY

  • Change ‘XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY’ with a new MAC address.

  • You can confirm the change in your MAC address, by running the following command: busybox iplink show wlan0

  • Now you have successfully changed your device MAC address.

Final Verdict

So the final verdict is that if you want to change your device MAC address then you can change it to follow the above process. After successfully changing the MAC address you can also connect to the network that has blacklisted you. The following process also help to your privacy

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