Best TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) Custom Recovery Alternative

Best TWRP Alternative for Android

TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is an open sources Project.  TWRP is a large community and supports almost all types of smartphones. If you want to install a Custom Recovery on your device then not just me everyone first choice and option is TWRP because the TWRP is easily available for all devices. The official version of TWRP is available for almost all smartphones, but if the official version is still not available for your device, you can easily install the unofficial version.

So now the point is that TWRP is the first option for all user who wants to install a Custom Recovery on their phone. By now you must have understood why TWRP is the first option or choice. Although TWRP recovery is best for Android phones, sometimes you get bored with the old traditional UI and want to try something new. So today we will discuss the best TWRP Alternative of 2019. Take full Nandroid Backup.

About TWRP or Custom Recovery

Well, we will not discuss here what is TWRP or custom recovery. We have already written about this on our other posts. However, we have already written about it, but in a short note is that if you want to install a Custom ROM or System level Zip file then an Android device required the Custom Recovery.  Another thing is that if the recovery given below is not available for your phone then search TWRP for your device. Root devise with SuperSu.

We will not discuss old-time recovery like CWM, Philz recovery and many more here. Fix Pattern error after restoring TWRP.

Redwolf Recovery

The first recovery in the list is Redwolf Recovery. Basically, RWRP is the modified version of TWRP Recovery. If you are a Xiaomi or Redmi device user then Redwolf Recovery should be your first option. Recovery does not support many devices such as TWRP, but it is specifically designed for Xiaomi phones. TWRP vs RWRP.

Redwolf Recovery

Why Redwolf Recovery is a good alternative of TWRP

Support all types of small OTA updates while TWRP not Supported.

You do not need to flash the full package of custom ROMs to get the latest updates.

You can take Screenshot in Recovery mode. How to enable OEM Unlock.


  • MIUI OTA update Support

  • Password Protection

  • Support Theme

  • User-friendly Design

  • Support Android 10

  • Built-in Super Su and Magisk


  • Supports very few devices compared to TWRP.

  • So final verdict is that if the official update of RWRP is available for your device then definitely try it on your device.

Download RWRP:- official unofficial

PitchBlack Recovery Project

PBRP is developed to enhance the TWRP with better Theme, customization, and many other features. Pitchblack Recovery also based on Team win Recovery project. Like the other Custom Recovery, PBRP also supports Custom ROMs, Image file, enable camera2api, Root, and backup. I am not as familiar with PBRP as I am familiar with TWRP and another recovery. A group of developers develops the PBRP to improve customization, stability, and features.

Pitch Black Recovery


  • Up-to-date with android 10

  • SuperSu and Magisk Installer and remover

  • Backup, Restore, wipe and mount

  • App Delete and Pin remover

  • Organized menu

  • Treble and Non-Treble support both ROMs

  • Full dark Theme & Changeable Accent Color

  • Always up to date

  • Support MIUI Update

  • ADB Sideload Terminal


  • Officially supports very few devices.

Download PBRP:- official Site Sourceforge

OrangeFox Recovery Project

In 2019, our 3rd choice on the list is OPRP. ORANGE FOX Recovery is also a good alternative to TWRP recovery. I have used this recovery many times on my Xiaomi devices, and currently, I am using this recovery on my Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2. The new design or UI is completely different from other retrievals or older updates. Like the PBRP and RWRP, this Recovery also based on TWRP Sources code.

The Recovery support both Treble and Non-Treble devices. OFRP comes with Fox themes, color scheme, and splash.

OrangeFox Recovery


  • Fully new design to material Design 2

  • Based on lasts TWRP

  • Support magisk 19.4 or above

  • Added quick backup option

  • MIUI OTA With many fixes

  • Added security and Pin option

  • Added Gesture key

  • Inbuilt app manager

  • Upgraded file manager

  • Not follow the traditional big button UI

  • Added search option

  • Added EDL mode in reboot option

  • New color scheme and themes

  • Support Notch

  • Select three different navigation bar option

  • Bug fixes

  • many more!


  • Like the other Recovery, this also supports limited devices.

Download OFRP:- Sourceforge

Final TWRP Alternative

The final decision is that if you want to install a custom recovery on your device then there are several options for you. Our first recommendation is to install TWRP, but if any of the above recoveries is available for your device, definitely try one of them. So in 2019, these three Recoveries are the best alternative of TWRP.

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