12 Best City Building Games for PC and Android You Should Play in 2019

Best City Building Games of 2019

Have you ever wanted to become a civil engineer or did you want to build your own city or building? Well maybe the dream is not fulfilled in real life but in the gaming world, you can build your city building without any investment. City-building games have been popular with people for many decades. City-building games are the perfect way to express your creativity without any restriction. In the City building games, you can build Parks, skyscrapers, landmarks, factories, villas and much more and most important you are the hero of your own city. Solve the real-life challenges, Pollution, food, pollution, Power plants and much more. Most city-building games have an unlimited budget which means you don't have to worry about balancing your finances. A city building game not only entertains you but also develop your mind and thinking ability. Building and maintaining a city is not easy, it requires a lot of effort. In the past, there were a large number of city-building games are made for android and windows users, choosing the best is a bit complicated. Remove sound from video on any device.

Best City Building Games for Android

2020: My Country

2020 my country

2020: My Country is the big hit, City Building game which has more than 20 million users around the world. This game offers you amazing graphics with High-resolution animation that make your city and hundreds of quests you won. My Country wants to prepare your city for the future. The game works in offline mode so you don’t need an Internet connection. My country game asks you to make your team city for the future. If you want to win this game then you will have to make a proper strategy. My Country offers a deep city-building. Best GBA Emulator for PC.

Download:- 2020: My Country

Megapolis: city building simulator


Next game in the list is Megapolis. You can play every bit of this game due to realistic 3D graphics. Yes, the game represents the 3D graphics. Megapolis is not only a game based on the rules of the real market but offers to build the metropolis of your dreams. As I said earlier, it is a real market-based game so you can not create a random city because you must comply with the rules or laws of economy and market. Megapolis has a lot of opportunities to grow: build a perfect urban infrastruсture, advance science by forming a research center, School, Hospitals, expand the mining industry for natural resources. Best Google Camera Settings.

Download:- Megapolis

Fallout Shelter

fallout shelter

Fallout Shelter is not like the other city building game for android users because in this game you are building a game, not a proper city. This does not mean that you will not take care of the people of the building, you have to protect them and also increase the overall productivity. A well-run Vault requires a variety of Dwellers with a mixture of skills. Fallout shelter game requires a minimum level of strategic gameplay. The Fallout shelter is free to play games. How to Hide apps. 

Download:- Fallout Shelter

SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit is a popular City Building games on the Google PlayStore. In SimCity, you can build many things as skyscrapers, parks, factories, hospitals, schools and more. If you want to play a great city building game then go with SimCity. Like Megapolis, in SimCity, you also have to solve real-life challenges, such as traffic, fire, population, plants, police departments, education, and more. SimCity allows you to Build a beautiful and growing city. The game is more complex than other city building games because as more citizens come into the city and it is your responsibility to make them happy. Game players can zoom in as well as 360 the city to view a specific area.

Download:- SimCity Buildit



TheoTown is a City building Strategy game that gives you full control. You have to start a city from a big forest and establish boundaries. One of the best parts of this game you can go deep into the City building for example, you have to construct water and power supply. You start this game to control only a few people, and there is literally nothing at hand. You can make your city more attractive by building the Schools, Parks, Hospitals and many more. Build the resident, Commercial or industrial buildings and build a road to connect them.

Download:- TheoTown



Township is a unique combination of city-building and farming. Harvest crops at the farm and sell it to develop your city. In Township trade with Countries, Open Cinemas, Community building to give life in your city. Run your own zoo collect animals and birds from the world and earn extra income. The game requires some strategy to play it. The app is available to play for free but you can buy some extra things for real money. So are you ready to become a farmer and build your own farm and city? Most Powerful Google Chrome flag settings. 

Download:- Township

Bit City

City-building games are complex in size but Bit City is not. Bit City is a minimal city building games. This game is not like the other games but you will enjoy the management part. Bit City gives you a variety of tasks like tax collection, building upgrades, even city upgrades. Collects the taxes and upgrade your city. The game's 3D graphics don't look realistic but the game's size is worth it. Overall Bit City is light and easy to play games.

Download:- Bit City

The Battle of Polytopia     

The battle of Polytopia is another city building game. The game requires a proper strategy to win. The story and graphics of the Battle of Polytopia make this game different on the list. if you are looking for a real time-killing game then the battle of Polytopia is the best strategy and RPG game. The game features auto-generate maps. The game is available free to play on the Google Play Store.

Download:- The Battle of Polytopia


Build the City of your dream with Townsmen. Develop your small village into a grand medieval kingdom with a thriving economy and happy villagers. Find spots for mining ore, harvest your field crops and collect coins from your folk as taxes. You can keep improving your city in the right place, features like airports, stations, and more crops. Like the other game, this game also requires some strategy, since the city reputation is also a concern. Townsmen is also a good choice if you want to play a City building games.

Download:- Townsmen

Best City Building Games for PC

Cities Skylines

If you want to play a City building games on your PC then the Cities Skylines is the ultimate city builder game you can play right now. The cities skylines want you to build the next best city. We all know that you are the Mayor in the new city where you build the city from the ground up. City building game is a fun game but at the same time, it is a challenging one. at the starting of every city build, you will experience the need to expand quickly and get more people to move there. Traffic management, policies, taxation, infrastructure planning, resources, city connections, etc. are only a few things you’ll manage in this game.

Download Cities Skylines


It is time to rule the last city on Earth, trapped in an everlasting winter in a post-apocalyptic world. FrostPunk is not a regular City-building game, it’s a survival city building game that puts you in charge of managing the last city on earth. With the threat of extinction at your doorstep, every decision you make can mean life or death for the citizens of your city. You are fighting to survive while it is your duty to manage both people and infrastructure. There are many things that you can do during the plays from workers, resources, construction strategy, politics and more. How to Delete and Instagram account.

Anno 1800

Anna 1800 is a best and real-time City building game and it’s the latest edition into the series. This is the beginning of a new era and you are about to build a city that will continue to change as technology. Anno 1800 gives you plants in the late 19th century and the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and demands that you build a new city based on your research and technology. You will have to manage many different aspects to win this game, like production, trade routes, supply chains, trade routes, political management and keeping your people happy. you can Enjoy this city builder in single-player, multiplayer and sandbox mode. How to convert MOV to MP4.

Surviving Mars

Mars is always the go-to spot when it comes to imaging when the next homework will be? With oxygen, cold temperatures and a barren landscape, it has unique challenges of settling and calling it home. mars are different from earth. So there are lots of factors that can affect the way you build your city which is really fun when you start to understand what needs to happen. Living on Mars and setting up your own city is going to be challenging. This game is different from other city building games because you are building your city on Mars, not on earth.

Final Verdict

That’s our playlist of the best 12 city building games for you. 8 games for your android and 4 games for you PC. All the games are awesome and you need the best strategy to build your own city.

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