Official Way to Unlock Realme 3 Pro Bootloader

How to Unlock Realme 3 Pro Bootloader

Like the Xiaomi, Realme also has started to capture the Indian Market. Realme devices are becoming popular every day. The company is mainly targeting the mid-range segment of the smartphone industries. Recently the company has launched there new smartphone Realme X which is the big competitor of the Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi K20. Now coming to the topic of how to unlock Realme 3 Pro Bootloader. Realme 3 Pro also a successful device by the Realme. Realme 3 Pro was launched in late April and today there are lots of custom ROMs, TWRP Recovery and Mod available for Realme 3 Pro. If you want to adapt all these system-level customizations, you need to unlock the device bootloader.

What is Bootloader

Every Android smartphone comes with a locked bootloader and if you want any type of system-level customization then you need to unlock it. The bootloader is a program that starts whenever a Phone is powred on to activate the right operating system. A locked bootloader device is secured from malware or any anti-attack but an unlocked bootloader device is less secure as compared to the locked bootloader. Unlocking device bootloader void your warranty. How to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi and Asus device

Bootloader unlocking Process

As my earlier Youtube videos and Yrltech Post, I have already told many times that the process of unlocking the bootloader is different on all Android smartphones. Different smartphone manufacturer's bootloader unlocks method is also different (for bootloader unlocking). Unlocking device bootloader also void your smartphone's warranty, so please check to see if your smartphone manufacturer allows to unlock bootloader before proceeding. If you are a realme device user and you root the device, then your warranty becomes void, but if you just unlock the bootloader and flash custom ROMs then your warranty will continue. Best Rooted Apps.


Unlocking bootloader will delete all your device data so don’t forget to take a full device backup.

Charged your device at least 50%. Install Google Camera on any android Phone.

You must enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking option on your Realme 3 pro.

Make sure necessary drivers and ADB drivers are installed on your Windows PC.

Step to unlock the bootloader of Realme 3 Pro

  • First of all download Bootloader unlock Tool APK on Realme 3 Pro.

  • Install the downloaded APK on your Phone.

  • After Installing launch the App.

  • Tap on Start Applying.

  • Read the disclaimer that comes up, select the checkbox and submit application button.

  • The application would then be processed by the Realme servers.

  • After a few hours or minutes, the unlock tool will show you the status of your application. It displays review successfully.

  • Now, hit on ‘Start the in-depth test’ to boot your Realme 3 Pro into Fastboot Mode.

  • You can see a fastboot_unlock_verify_ok message.

  • Now the next process is on your Computer.

  • Turn on your PC and navigate to the ADB and Fastboot folder.

  • Now hold the Shift button on the ADB folder and Right-click on the mouse.

  • Select open Powershell window here option.

  • Turn off your Realme 3 Pro and boot into fastboot mode.

  • Connect your device with PC via the USB cable. (don’t forget to turn on USB debugging option)

  • Now in the command box type your first command to unlock your Realme 3 Pro bootloader.

  • “Fastboot flashing unlock”

  • Now you can see a confirmation message on the device screen.

  • It will ask you whether you really want to unlock your device bootloader.

  • Finally, press the volume up button to confirm the message.

  • That’s it, the bootloader should now be unlocked.

Final verdict

Now your device's bootloader is unlocked, after this process, you can do anything on your Realme 3 Pro such as installing custom ROMs, Roots, and Tweaks, etc. Next Process like the Recovery installation, Rom installation and root are almost the same on all device manufacturer.

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