Google Camera – Best Gcam Settings for all Android Device

Best Gcam Settings

Google Camera or Gcam is Probably the Most Advanced level camera app. There are lots of camera app available in the Google Play Store but the Google camera is totally different. Google Camera Extends Your Phone Photography There are currently no camera apps available in the market that can beat Gcam. Although Google Camera is the best camera app, unfortunately, it does not work on all Android devices. Google Camera works only some supported devices, you can see the list here. So if you want to Install Google Camera (Gcam) on your device then make sure the Camera2Api is enabled on your Phone. If Google Camera is already installed on your phone, then check the best Gcam settings for your Android phone. Latest Google camera 7.0 Supported device list.

Best Google Camera (GCam) Settings

At first glance, Google camera doesn't need any types of manual settings, auto mode is work perfectly on Gcam. Google camera or Gcam takes amazing images in auto mode. However, Google Camera Auto mode is enough for better shots but there are certain conditions when you need some manual settings on your device. After implementing these settings on your Gcam, you can take some High-level images on your Device. Download Google Camera.

Video Stabilization

Let's start with the video, I know that most of us use phone cameras for photo capturing, but sometimes many of us record videos with our smartphone cameras. So if you want to Record Videos with your Google Camera then it’s recommended you to Record video in 30fps for better image stabilization. So once you try these settings in your Google Camera, you will definitely get a better result. 

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Portrait Mode

Today most of us like the Portrait shots on our device but unfortunately a mid-range smartphone stock camera can’t take better portrait images. So if the Google camera is installed on your device then try out these cam settings.

If you are in a spot where there is a lot of light, try HDR+enhanced shots on your Google camera.

On the other hand, if the lighting condition is just okay then capture the images in HDR+ mode.

So once try both modes in different conditions, you will definitely get some better results.

Pixel AWB

If you are not satisfied with the Google Camera Color Reproduction then try out Pixel AWB feature. This feature or option is for those who prefer cooler or warm colors on their Gcam. Once Enable this option and you can get some color effects on your Google camera. Install Google Camera 7.0

You can enable this feature under the Settings on Gcam. Open the Google camera Settings under Custom Tap on Advance Now here you can see the Pixel AWB option and turn it on. This option is not available on all Google Camera Version. Most Powerful Google Chrome Flags settings. 

Final Verdict

So these are the best Google Camera settings which can enhance your Google Camera Quality. The Features and options provide you some great Photos. 

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