Best GBA (Gameboy Advance) Emulators for PC – 2019

Best GBA Emulators for PC

Whenever you think about entertainment, two things always come to your mind, first music and second gaming. Both are the best entertainment tools, not just for me but for everyone. Put your headphones, launch YouTube or another music app, and listen to your favorite music anywhere and at any time.     Gaming is the most popular and demanded category in entertainment. Anyone can easily play the Game on his Mobile and PC but you can not fill like a gamer until you Play the game using an emulator.  GBA (Gameboy Advance) are the most popular games liked by may peoples. But the main drawback is that you need to buy a Video game console to play these games. So here is the list of best GBA Emulators for PC in 2019.

Best GBA Emulator for Windows 10/8/7

The GBA Emulator are designed to let you play the Gameboy advance games on Windows PC with ease.

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1. Visual Boy Advance GBA Emulator

So the first name In the list is Visual boy Advance Emulator. VBA (VisualBoyAdvance) emulator is the best free emulator for PC. One of the plus points of this emulator is that the emulator supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and BSD. VBA not only lets you play Games of Gameboy but also other devices such as Visual boy. If you have an M version then you can play all the titles with more consistency. In the M version of VBA taking a screenshot and sharing them is much easier than the other version. Currently, the M version is only working on Windows PC. Most Powerful Google Chrome settings.

Feature of VBA

  • Audio and Video Recording

  • Joystick support

  • Full-screen mode and screen capturing.

  • Export-Import games from other pc.

Download Visualboy Advance Emulator

2. mGBA Emulator

Next in the list is mGBA. Like the VBA (Visual Boy Advance) also support multiple platforms. Usually, the emulator supports all the required feature but when you decide to play GBA Roms on PC you get some additional features.

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  • Save the game whenever prefer.

  • Cheat code support

  • Enable ROM Patches.

  • Support huge catalog of GBA

Download mGBA Emulator

3. Higan GBA Emulator FOR PC

Higan is a multisystem gaming emulator for PC. Like the other Emulator, you can play it on any Operating system. On Higan Emulator, you can specify custom BIOS Rom so that can even emulate Sega Master System, Game Gear even Mega Drive.


  • Supports fullscreen

  • Color Reproduction is good.

  • Store cheat codes.

  • Support NES & SNES games.

  • Easy to use and installation.

Download Higan GBA Emulator

4. RascallBoy Advance

GameBoy, Visualboy now the next is RascallBoy. The emulator supports multiplayer gaming and supports a wide variety of games. If you want to play or try paid games on rascal boy then the emulator doesn’t disappoint you. The emulator keeps getting updates and this will make it more interesting. Size of the Rascall emulator is small and support all kind of GBA.


  • Support multiple languages.  

  • Small in size.

  • Easy to operate.

  • Support regular updates.

  • Cheat code support.

Download RascallBoy Advance Emulator

5. No$GBA Emulator

No$GBA emulator gets popular in the emulator for just their name. You can also call it no cash emulator. Apart from the name the emulator able to run GBA games, the emulator can also run Nintendo DS games. There are several games available for No$GBA emulator.  


  • Emulates both GBA and DS Games.

  • Allows the use of a controller.

  • user configure the game any way they want.

Download No$GBA Emulator

Final Verdict

So these are the best GBA emulator for your PC and good things are that all the emulators are free. If you search the internet, you will get lots of results but if you want to try, then we recommend you try these emulators.

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