How to Hide Apps | Best App Hider for android 2019

Best App Hider for Android

Every Android user has stored some secret files, apps, and Media on their smartphone. All these files or data are important to you, which you do not want to share or show with anyone. Like the files, media or data some apps are also important for the users which you don’t want to show anyone. Nowadays many smartphones come with built-in app hiding or app lock features, Xiaomi has become one of them. These features allow you to hide data from the person who is sometimes using your phone. Unfortunately, the app hide feature is still missing on the stock Android and many other smartphones. Now if you really want to have the most granular control over what appears on your phone, you may need some App hider for your android.

How to Hide Apps on Xiaomi Devices

Hide Apps using Nova Launcher

As I said earlier that there are so many ways which help you to hide apps on your device and launcher is one of them. If you search the launcher on the Google Play Store, you will see a big list of it, but here I suggest you install the Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher is one of the best, Light and featured packed launcher, with the help of Nova Launcher you can Hide Apps on your android device without Root. How to Hide Apps using Nova Launcher.

  • Download Nova Launcher from the Play Store.

  • After downloading set the Nova launcher as a default launcher.

  • Head over to the Nova launcher settings.

  • Tap on App Drawer. How to Hide Root Access Permission.

  • Scroll down and Select hide Apps option under the Apps section.

  • Now select the app which you want to hide from the App drawer on the home screen

  • Note:- This feature only works on Nova Launcher Prime

Hide it Pro App hider

If you don’t want to use any third party launcher to hide the app, you can use Hide it Pro App. The app is the most trusted and more than 20 million users with an average rating of 4.6. The app just does not hide your app, it also hides the image and video on your mobile. The App is perfect in all terms but the only problem is here that it Root, yes if you want to hide apps from it then you need to provide the Root Access Permissions. so if your device is rooted then this is the Best App hider. Hide apps on Stock Android.

Download Hide it Pro

App Hider

Next app in the list is App hider if you don’t want to install any launcher and your device is not rooted then try this app. The app does not require root permissions to hide the app. The process of hiding the app is different from both apps. App Hider creates a clone of apps that you want to hide from your device. Let’s see how the App Hider is work.

  1. First of all download it.

  2. After downloading and installing launch the app.

  3. First of all, Protect the App with Pin.

  4. Now Tap on Add App option.

  5. Select the app which you want to Hide.

  6. Now go back and tap on the app you had selected a while ago.

  7. Now it will show you two option, hide and launch clone.

  8. We want to hide the app from the device, so tap on Hide and the app basically uninstall the app from the App drawer but you can access the clone of the app in the App Hider. 

Final Verdict

If you search on the internet or Play Store there are lots of option available for you but these apps are perfect if you want to hide the apps on your device.

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