13 Most Powerful Google Chrome Flags Settings for Android users

Best Google Chrome Flags Android Settings use in 2019

Google Chrome, Probably today, we all are aware of this name. If you are an Android, IOS, Mac, Windows user, you definitely must have used Google Chrome. Chrome is by far the best and feature-packed browser. Chrome is work perfectly on all Platform, but here we talk about the Google Chrome Android. However, we are going to talk about Chrome Android, but the flags feature or settings mostly work on all platforms. Basically, all browsers have some basic settings, but Google Chrome supports some advanced level settings which we call hidden settings. So now how you can access the Google chrome flags settings?

What are Google Chrome Flags?

In addition to the hidden settings, Chrome supports some experimental feature, and we call it chrome flags. Not everyone knows this Chrome flag setting Only some tech enthusiasts to know these flags. These innovative features include functionality that Google is doing, but the consumer chrome build has not yet enabled it. The Features list of Google chrome is extensive, but if you love tinkering, then the Chrome flags features are exciting for you. With the Chrome flags features, you can improve the browsing experience as well as you can add some developer-level features. The flags options also provide you hardware and GPU acceleration settings. The features and options of the chrome flame are really huge, so if you are a developer or someone who like the experiments, then you'll love the chrome flags. Download Chrome.

Google Chrome Flags Video

How to Access Chrome Flag Settings on Android

It’s pretty easy to access the Google Chrome Flags Settings on Android. However, it's pretty easy to access the Chrome Settings on any device, but before we do this, it’s important to know that some of the features of Google Chrome is buggy and they might crash your chrome settings or data. You can always reset your Chrome settings under your Android device settings. We will discuss this at the end of this post. So now how to access the Chrome Flags settings. How to bypass your connection is not private error in chrome.

Access Chrome Flags menu

Simply Just paste or type > Chrome://flags in the address bar of the Chrome browser. At first glance, you can see a warning (Experimental Features Ahead by enabling these feature, you could lose browser data, Compromise your security and privacy.) as well as a Reset all to default option. So in this way you can access your Chrome Flags Settings. Enable Camera2Api on any Xiaomi device.

Now once Scroll this Page, you can see a big list of flags. Now the point is that, is all flags are essential and how effectively use these flags. Let’s start our first Flags.

1. Move Address Bar at the bottom

Our first flags in the list are move chrome address bar at the bottom (update Chrome into the latest version). In 2019, Most of the Person uses a large Phone, and it can be difficult to reach the top of the phone screen using one hand. So it could be easier if you move the address bar at the bottom of the screen. The feature is only possible by using the Google Chrome flags. List of Smartphone which supports the Google Camera.

  • So first of all, access the chrome flags.

  • In the Search Flags bar type Chrome Duet

  • Tap the dropdown list under the chrome Duet.

  • Select Enabled.

  • Now you can see a Relaunch option, Sorelaunch the Google chrome.

  • After Relaunching you won’t see any effects, So once clear the Chrome menu in the Recent tab and relaunch it again.

Chrome Duet Flags

Note:- Whenever you change any chrome flags, do this process.

After this Process, you can see the Chrome address bar at the bottom.

2. Compact Tab Switcher

If you are using chrome, you may have noticed that the tab switcher is by default in a Card Style. At first glance its look nice but if you have a lot of tabs open when it’s hard to find the tab you want to use. So now how to switch between Card Style to Compact Tab. Again open the Chrome Flags option. Convert any Videos on any format.

Campact tab Switcher on Chrome

  • Type Accessibility Tab Switcher in the search bar.

  • Now Change it Disabled to Enabled.

  • Relaunch Google Chrome.

  • After relaunching, you can see the effects in front of you.

  • Now if you don’t like the Compact Tab option, then again do the same process and disabled the option.

3. Horizontal Tab Switcher

Google Chrome mainly show you three types of tab switcher. First and by default is Card, and the Second is Compact tab which you have seen above. Like me, if you don’t like both tab switcher, then you can try out the last and my favorite Horizontal Tab. You need to change some experimental flags to enable these features.

Chrome horizontal tab switcher

  • Search “enable-horizontal-tab-switcher” under the flags.

  • Now you know what's the next step. Hide apps on any Android Phone.

  • Enable it, and relaunch Google Chrome. Now you can see a new Horizontal Tab switcher. The new Tab switcher looks like the Android Pie Recent menu, so it looks cool.

4. Extra Warning About Insecure Sites

You've Probably Noticed that the Google Chrome Shows you the Secure Sites using HTTPS with a Green padlock icon. Whenever you access an unsecure sites, chrome doesn't show any color just show you a Not Secure or (i) icon message, and you easily miss it.  

  • So now get some extra warning with Chrome flags.

  • First of all, open flags option.

  • Now search Mark-http-as.

  • Tap on the dropdown list and Select Enabled (mark as actively dangerous) option.

  • Relaunch the Google Chrome, and now whenever you open any unsecured sites, it will show you the Red icon with not secure option.

5. Enable Chrome Dark Mode

As you know, in 2019, all smartphone manufacturer add the Dark mode on their devices. Google Most of the apps like YouTube, News, Calendar, Calculator, Phone, and Messages already support the dark mode. You can see a built-in dark mode in the upcoming Android version of Google Android Q. Recently a dark mode has been added to Google Chrome, but unfortunately, this feature is hidden, and you can enable this feature by using chrome flags. Read the full guide, how to Enable the Dark Mode on Google Chrome.

6. New Download Page UI

Google Chrome current downloading page UI is Complicated because it’s hard to find the items that you have download in the Past. So if you have faced this type of issue in the past and want to leave it, try Chrome's new download page UI. Chrome's new download page not only makes your UI cool but also makes it easier.

Chrome New Download Page UI

  • For this search “download-home-v2” and enable it.

  • Now after relaunching you can easily access all your downloaded files.

  • So the new downloading Page UI is much better than the oldest UI.

7. Smooth Scrolling

If you have a high-end smartphone, then you do not need this feature because this feature is essential, which is using low RAM and ROM devices in 2019., Now basically what the feature can do, suppose if you have opened an extensive web page on a low ram device, then you may have experienced a lot of lag while scrolling. So if you don’t want to face these types of lag during scrolling then enable the smooth scrolling.

Simply enable the Smooth “Scrolling” Flag and enjoy a smooth web suffering on your Google Chrome.

8. Simplified Reader Mode

If you've ever surfed any Webpage or website, then many ads may have appeared in front of you, and all these ads distract your web surfing. However, ads distract your web surfing, but it’s also essential for a website owner or developer because they earn through the ads and If they do not make any money then you will not get to see any interesting article. So Google Chrome has a feature which allows you to read an article without any distraction.

Chrome Reader Mode

  • Search “Reader Mode trigger” in the Chrome flags.

  • Select your desired option between with article structured markup, Non-mobile-friendly articles, Always, Never, and All articles.

  • So Select the Always option.

  • Relaunch Chrome.

  • Now, whenever you load any web page, you can see a “Show Simplified view’ option at the bottom.

Tap on it, and your Webpage is opened in a new Reading Mode, you can also change the page background color (Light, Dark, and Sepia) and adjust the font size.

9. Faster Download Speed

Another chrome flag which enhances your browsing and downloading experience. If you have ever used Internet Download Manager on your computer, then you know how this software downloads any file. It breaks the file into a snippet and downloads the files very fast. Google Chrome also has the same feature that breaks files into snippets and downloads simultaneously using parallel downloads.

For enabling this, open the Chrome Flags search and enable  “Parallel downloading.” Relaunch Google Chrome.

10. New Context Menu

The Normal Context menu you can enable by long pressing on any link, image, or Videos basically it shows you all the required option, but it looks boring and outdated. So if you want to try and redesigned context menu, then you can, and It is only possible to change some settings on the Chrome flag menu. Once you enable the option, you do not get only a new menu but also a new cool opening animation.

New Menu Style

  • Enabling this option, open the Chrome flag menu.

  • Search “enable-custom-context-menu” and change its default to Enable.

  • That’s it now after relaunching; you can see a new Context menu on your Google Chrome.

11. Long Press Back for History

If you're a user who accesses your browsing history multiple times during web surfing, this new flag makes your Chrome access easier. When you enable this chrome flag, you can easily access the History of Chrome by long pressing on the chrome back button. The flag makes it easy to switch to websites you've already seen. I think a user who uses Chrome for most web surfing should enable this feature.

Back button History shortcut

  • Now how to enable this Chrome flag

  • Access the Chrome flag page.

  • Search “long-press-back-for-history,” and you know what the next step.

  • Now, After relaunching, whenever you want to access your web history then simply long press on the back button, and it will show you the history.

12. Chrome Flags Autoplay Policy

Today most of the website creators have applied autoplay audio and video on their websites. On the one side, the feature is useful for someone, on the other side like me who don't like autoplay feature. So if you are one of those people who do not want the autoplay feature during web browsing and want to stop it, then you can. Google Chrome has a built-in Autoplay-policy to put an end to it.

  • Access the Flag page on Google Chrome.

  • Search “AutoPlay Policy” hit on the little arrow icon and select the third option (Document user activation is required).

  • Now, whenever you access any website which Serves an autoplay feature, they will not play automatically.

13. Gesture Navigation

If you've ever used Mac and Windows, then you might have noticed that you can swipe left and right to move one step back and forward in your browsing history. You can also get the same feature on your Google Chrome browser, along with this, it makes your browsing even more accessible.

Chrome Gesture Navigation flags

  • So if you want to enable this feature on your Chrome, then access the chrome flag page.

  • Search “Overscroll history navigation” and enable it.

  • After relaunching, you can use the Gesture Navigation feature on your chrome browser.

Final Verdict

The list of the Chrome Flags setting is too long, but we pick thirteen best Chrome flags settings for you and all these Flags are useful for Chrome users. So apply all these flags on your Google Chrome browser and all these Chrome flags settings make your Google chrome a Super Browser. We know that all the flags and settings are experimental, and sometimes it has a negative impact on your browser, But do not worry when we started the post, we had already mentioned that if you get any error in your Chrome (after applying the chrome flags), you can reset it. So enable each of these flags one by one and do not forget to comment on which flags you like.

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