How to Enable Camera2 API in MIUI 10 Phones Without Root

Camera2 API Probably the most demanding feature till the date because every smartphone user wants camera2 API features on his device. The Camera 2 API feature is exclusively for the user who wants to install Google Camera on their smartphone. So any user who wants to install Google Camera on their smartphone the first and foremost Process is Enable Camera2 API because without camera2 API Google camera cannot run on any android devices. So today we try to enable camera2 API in MIUI 10 Phones.

How to Enable Camera2 API in MIUI 10 Phones

Different smartphone makers have a different process to enable the camera 2 API. Some Smartphone built-in support the Camera2 API feature like the OnePlus. Other smartphones like the Asus, you need some command process to enable the camera2 API. Like other smartphones, the method of enabling Camera2 API is also different in Xiaomi MIUI.

Step to Enable Camera2 API in MIUI Phones

There are several ways to enabling the Camera2 API in MIUI 10 Phones so that we will try all the Process one by one. However, you can easily enable the Camera2 API, but there have some prerequisites to enabling the camera2 API. Most Powerful chrome Flags settings

  • First, make sure the device is running on Android Oreo or above.

  • Make sure the Xiaomi Phone is running on MIUI 10 (Global beta or Stable)

  • The Xiaomi or Redmi device bootloader is Unlocked.

  • A Custom Recovery like TWRP and RWRP is Installed. (optional)

  • A Windows and Mac PC. 

  • Make sure the ADB driver is installed on Your PC.

  • ADB Drivers are essential. 

Enable Camera2 API using the Command Process

I had already said that there are many different ways of enabling Camera2 API on MIUI 10 devices. Before proceeding with the process, I suggest you first check whether the camera 2 API is enabled on your Xiaomi device.

  • So no go to the Process.

  • First of all hold the Volume Up+Power Key simultaneously to boot the MIUI device into Fastboot mode.

  • Now connect the Xioami device with your PC via the USB cable.

  • Now open the ADB folder, Under ADB folder.

  • Hold the shift button and right click on the Mouse.

  • Now select Powershell window option or command prompt window.

  • In the Command or PowerShell window type your first command.

  • Fastboot devices (to confirm is your device is successfully connected or not)

  • adb shell

  • setprop 1

  • exit.

  • After this command Process reboots your Xiaomi device.

  • Now the Camera2 API is enabled on your MIUI 10 Phones.

  • Repeat the above process to check the Camera2 API is enabled.

How to Install Google Camera on Redmi Note 6 Pro.

I tried this process on my Redmi Note Pro 6, and it successfully worked on my device, but in case if the Process does not work on your device then try the below process.

Enable Camera2 API using TWRP

If the above Process is not worked on your MIUI 10 based Xiaomi Phones, then try this method.

  • For this Process make sure the TWRP Recovery is installed on your MIUI device. 

  • Download Camera2 API zip file and move this file on your device internal or external storage.

  • Now Hold the Volume down + Power key at the same time and boot your xiaomi device into recovery mode.

  • In TWRP without any delay, Tap on the Install button.

  • Locate the earlier downloaded Camera2 API zip file.

  • Select the file and Flash it.

  • After flashing Reboot the MIUI 10 device.

  • Now again repeat the camera2 API checking process, and this time it will work for You.

List of device which supports the Google Camera.

Enable Camera2 API using Root

The last Method is Root if the above all the process is failed then the only option is Root. So now how to enable Camera2 API using Root method.  

  • First of all, Make sure your device is rooted if not then read here.

  • Now launch the Google Play Store and download buildprop Editor.

  • Grant the Root Permission.

  • Now Tap on Edit Icon.

  • Your build.prop file will be open. Scroll down at the bottom and add these line

  • Tap on the save icon.

  • Grant the permission and save it.

  • After this Process reboot the device.

  • That’s it finally the Camera2 API is enabled on your device.

Final verdict

As I already said there are many ways to enable Camera2 API on MIUI 10 Phones. Not only the MIUI device you can try all process on other smartphone makers too. So I suggest you try the first command process, then try TWRP and finally the root process.

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