How to Get Dark Mode Feature on Google Chrome for Android

Google Chrome one of the best and No.1 Browser in the browser category. If you are using Google Chrome for browsing especially in the night and you read the post, Stories any things on your Google Chrome, then you need the Dark mode on your Google Chrome. Because the Dark mode feature makes your browsing easy and also its safe for your eyes. Google has given a dark Mode option to all of its apps, such as Google Phone, Contacts, News, YouTube and currently they are working on the Google chrome. Currently, by default, the Dark mode option is not available on Google Chrome, but you can enable it by turning on a few options. So now how to Get Dark Mode Feature on Google Chrome.

Get Dark Mode Feature on Google Chrome

Before proceeding the Process, there is some limitation the method does not fully enable the dark mode on the Google Chrome. So don’t be confused we will show you the process how to Enable Dark Mode feature on Google Chrome.

How to Get Dark Mode on Google Phone

Enable Reading Mode

  • So the First Process is Enable Reading Mode and how to enable the Reading Mode on Google Chrome.

  • Launch the Google Chrome/

  • Tap on The Three Dot icon (Right Side Corner)

  • Select Settings.

  • Tap on Accessibility.

  • Here Turn on the Simplified view for web pages option.

So now what is the Simplified view for web pages option? Chrome basically offers a post in the reading mode. It removes all the tabs and colors, giving you a more unobstructed view of websites.

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Turn on the Reader Mode Triggering option

    • After enabling reading mode, the dark mode feature will not work on Google Chrome; you need to do a few more things.  

    • On the chrome address bar, type Chrome://flags line and open the chrome flags option.

    • Under Flags section,> Search “Reader mode Heuristics” flags option.

    • Tap on it and choose between these five options.

Reading Mode on Google Chrome

  • Currently, here we select the always option.

Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome

  • After this, Relaunch the Google Chrome.

  • Now open any webpage.

  • Now, whenever you open a webpage, you can see a pop-up at the bottom saying “show Simplified view.”

  • Tap on the Show Simplified view option

  • Once you have changes the Page.

  • Tap on the three dot icon under the Simplified Page.

  • Select Appearance.

  • Now here is your Dark Mode, Simply tap on the Dark mode option.

  • That’s it the new dark mode is enabled on your Google Chrome.

  • Along with dark mode, you can see a few more option such as Sepia Color, Font Size and font style.

Final verdict

The dark mode feature is the future of all android apps, like Google, all other developers are working on the dark mode feature of apps. In the upcoming days, you can see the dark mode feature on many other apps. Google has already developed Dark Mode for its Google Phone, Contacts, YouTube, Maps and News. So in this way you can enable the dark mode feature on Google Chrome.

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