List of 12 Must Have Rooted Apps for Android Phone 2019

There are many features that you can not get on a Stock Android or unrooted device. That's why You Root your android device. After Rooting the Android phone, you can do many things, things that you can not do on an unrooted phone. However, Rooting is easy, but if you have not installed the Rooted App on Your Rooted Android Phone, then the Rooting is useless. Finding the best Root Apps for your Rooted Android phone is also a bit complicated. Since most Rooted Apps are not available on the Play Store, and we will later discuss all the applications in this guide.

What is Root Apps

Root App are apps that work only on rooted Android devices. So, to run the Rooted apps on your Android device, first of all, you have to root your Android phone. If you want to know what is rooting and how to root an android device, then read this full Guide about Rooting. I think if you are reading this guide then you may know about Rooting.

How to Install Custom Recovery on any android device

10 Must Have Rooted Apps for Android Phone 2018


Magisk is not just a Rooted app. This is the most Powerful Root app because, with this app, you can Root your android device. If you heard the name of SuperSu, then this app is a great alternative to SuperSu. This app gives the Root access permission to all the apps, that need Root access permissions. Magisk big function is allowing you to hide Root Permission very effectively. You can not run the Banking app on a Rooted Android Phone, but after installing this App, you can easily Run the banking apps. Magisk-Manager also supports the different types of Modules. Why Magisk is Important for a Rooted Android Phone or knows more about Magisk.

Download Magisk

Xposed Framework

If you are thinking about to installing a custom ROM on your Device then once Try Xposed Framework. Xposed framework comes with many modules and these modules completely change your phone. With Magisk you can do various things like Performance tweaks, themes visual modification, Navigation bar, notification panel and much more. Xposed framework is available for all versions of Android. Currently, Android Pie 9.0 is still not available, but in the coming days, you can see the Xposed framework for android Pie users.

Download Xposed Framework

How to Install Xposed Framework and Download Xposed.


If you're experiencing bad battery backup of the Android device, try the Greenify Rooted app. There are many battery saving apps available on the PlayStore, but none of them work like Greenify. This app is very simple it’s basically Hibernate your background apps. You can choose which apps you want to hibernate. You can also use the Greenify apps on a Non-Rooted device, but with root Permissions, it works like a charm. With Greenify, you can easily manage all the background running apps. So if you want to save more battery then download Greenify Rooted apps

Download Greenify

Lucky Patcher

It’s such a fantastic app. With the Lucky Patcher, you can remove the unwanted ads on your Android Phone. In some apps, you can remove the app purchases option and make the app completely free. Lucky patcher is one of the best Rooted Apps for your device. In simple word, you can modify the other installed apps in the lucky patcher. Even you can modify an APK file before installing it on your android phone.  

Download Lucky Patcher 

Download Latest SuperSu Zip


If you are a Music lover then once must try out this App. Viper4Android is an audio modification tool. Viper4android full control over how your sound Coming out the Speakers, Bluetooth device and your headphones. This app comes with lots of Sound effects and Equalizer. The Only Problem is that the Installation, the process of Viper4Android installing is a bit complicated. However, the process is bit complicated but if you want an enhanced sound experience then Must install this application.

3 best Custom Recovery

How to Install Viper4Android video or you can install Viper4andorid Module through Magisk.  

Download Viper4Android


In 2018 I don’t think we really need this app because today the smartphone storage is very high so you cannot face the Low storage issue on your device. However, in 2018, we do not need this app, but if you are using an old-time Android smartphone and you are facing the storage space running out issue, then this app is for you. Link2SD help you to Install all the Apps on your Device External storage (SD Card). Storage space running out the problem only accrued when your Internal storage Space is full. After installing this app, you can not face Storage issue.

Download Link2SD

Adblock Plus

As the name show, This app removes the Unwanted ads on your Android Device. Like the Lucky Patcher, this app also removes the Ads on your Android Phone, but sometimes lucky patcher blocked by Play protect, so that’s why I mentioned this app in the list. Adblock Plus is not available on Google Play Store, but you can download this app from below. There are many others apps available for ad removing, but this app works perfectly and remove all the ads on your phone.

Download Adblock Plus

Quick Reboot

If you have ever used Custom ROMs on your Android device, then you might have noticed that when you hold the power key button, it shows you some additional options instead of the power off and on options. Options, like fastboot reboot, recovery, safe mode, reboot bootloader, etc. So if you want the advanced power menu on your device then install this Rooted Apps. Quick reboot is simple, easy to use and has a good Option to find advanced options in at least a few seconds. 

Download Quick Reboot

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is one of the most popular Rooted Apps. If you are a Rooted device user, then the backup is most important for you. If we talk about the best backup solution, then no one is better than the Titanium backup. With the titanium backup app, you can do more things like Uninstall bloatware, Freeze apps, backup of particular apps, etc. So if you plan to Install a Custom ROM on your device or any tweaks, then it’s a good idea to take a full backup of your Current ROM with Titanium backup.

Titanium Backup


If you love automation, then download Tasker. Tasker is a full system automation app that can automate anything. This app also works on an Unrooted device. Basically, how this app works, for example, it starting Music as soon as you plug your earphone. Another thing is that it’s turn on Silent and vibrate mode automatically when you are at work. You can use this app as a regular app on your Phone. 

Download Tasker

Build Prop Editor

With this app, you can edit or modify your build.prop settings. You can change some various types of android Properties with Build prop editor. You can change your Mobile Model number android version and lots more. One of the main things you can enable the Camera2Api with this app. This is also an intelligent Code editor with Syntex highlighting. You can take a full backup of your build prop files. All Rooted Apps, this app is also a great root app for your Android, and this app is available on Google Play store.

Download Build Prop Editor


With Flashify, you can do a lot of work. Such as you can flash the boot.img, recovery image any flashable zip file. If you like a lot of customization, then this app is only for you. Flashify is also able to take backup of your boot image, recovery image. However, this app is free, but there is a certain limit with the free version because with the free version you can flash only three files if you want to flash more zip file. Then You will have to purchase the pro version of this app.

Download Flashify

Final Verdict

So, guys, the List of Rooted apps is long, but we have Pick some Must Have and best Root Apps for you. I know I have left some Important Rooted app such as SuperSu, Flashfire, etc. However, I skipped these apps but do not worry that this is 2018 and SuperSU's best alternative is Magisk. So these are the Must have Rooted Apps for your Rooted Android Phone.

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