How to check if Camera2 API is enabled on any Android device

Camera2 API means Application Programming Interface (API).  If you want to Install a Third party Camera Mod Such as Google Camera Nokia Camera, then you need to enable Camera2 API on your android device. However, you can Install the APK file, but they are useless because without the Camera2 API you can not use these mods. Smartphones are becoming smart every day. As you know, you can change and modify on your smartphone at the system level. Just like that, you can change the entire look and features of your smartphone camera with camera 2 API features.

What does the Camera 2 API do?

As I said earlier, with the Camera2 API you can Install the Google Camera, and Nokia Camera Mod on your device and these mods give you a Completely new experience with your camera. Let 's take an example. You must have heard the name of Google Pixel device, and all Google Pixel devices have been released with a single camera Even the latest Google Pixel 3XL has also been released with a single camera. With a single camera, the picture quality of Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 is amazing, even a single camera of pixels has defeated the latest Apple X Max (DxOMark results), and all these things have been made possible only by Google Camera software. The Perfect combination of Google Camera hardware and software makes Pixel phone number 1 in the list of DxOMark. 

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Another example is that if you ever used the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, this Phone is fantastic in all terms. The main downside of this Phone is Camera because the camera performance of this phone is very low but after enabling the Camera2 API and the installation of Google camera the Zenfone Max Pro M1 give a new camera experience to you.

What is Camera2 API

Camera2 API was introduced to Android 5.0 Lollipop in 2015. Camera 2 API gives developers better access to more advanced controls such as iOS, HDR, Manual exposure, shutter speed, raw images, portrait mode, etc. In 2018 the smartphone manufacturer still has not implemented Camera 2 API in his smartphone. Only some high specifications smartphone implement the Camera2 API with their smartphone. Camera2 API is quite fast in performance. So after installing the Camera2 API, you can get some extra features and high performance in your phone. For more info about Camera2 API, you can read the Google documentation.

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How to check if Camera 2 API is enabled or not

Before doing anything, does your smartphone support Camera 2 API?  By default, 9 out of 10 smartphone cameras cannot support 2 APIs. Now How to check if Camera 2 API is enabled or not. So just follow the below step.

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Install Camera2 API Probe App

  • So First of all launch the Google Play Store.

  • Download Camera2 API Probe App.

  • After downloading launch the App.

  • The UI of the APP is quite easy.

  • So after opening the app, it will show you the detailed information about your Camera Hardware.

  • The app also shows you the information about your Android System.

  • So after opening the app, you can see the 2 Section.

  • First is Camera ID:0 and the second one is Camera ID:1.

  • It’s very simple to understand this, Camera ID 0 is Rear Camera and the Camera ID:1 is the back camera.

understand Camera2 Api

  • As you can see the above screenshots of my Asus Jenfone Max Pro M1, My Phone supports the Third level of the camera2 API.

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Understand the Camera2 API Level.

Each camera ID has a sub-category of various features and their support details. So the main subcategory is the hardware level support category under which you can see the 4 options, level 3, Full, Limited and Legacy with red cross and green cross mark.

Level 3:- which mean your smartphone manufacturer has added some extra features to the Camera Hardware.

Full:- means Your Phone has supported all the Camera 2 API features.

Limited:- as the name shown, your smartphone supports only some limited features of Camera2 API.

Legacy:- means your Smartphone camera support only the Cmaera1 API features not Camera2 API.

So the final and the simple things are that if your smartphone supports Level 3, then it means your smartphone support all the Camera2 API features.

Final verdict

So if you just want to know whether your smartphone supports Camera 2 API feature or not, then this information is for you.

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