How to Install Third-Party Themes on MIUI 10 Devices

Without a doubt today Xiaomi is a No. 1 Smartphone selling Compay in India. Not only India, Today xiaomi become popular in many countries. We all know that Xiaomi provides a high-end Specification smartphone at a lower cost. Not only the hardware xiaomi also provide us with a great software experience. After the stock Android OS, I found that the MIUI OS is also a great OS. MIUI 10 contain some built-in apps in his OS such as MI Gallery, Mi Music, MI Security, Mi File explorer, MI Themes, etc. And all these apps are amazing especially MI Thems. MI Themes Contains thousands of themes that completely change your device. However, you can install themes on MI Theme Store as many as you want but you can not Install the Third-Party Themes on MIUI 10 or 9 based devices. SO now How you can Install Third-Party Themes on MIUI 10 Devices.

Install Third-Party Themes on MIUI 10 Devices Without Root

Installing third-party themes on MIUI 10 and MIUI 9 based devices is not so difficult. Just follow these simple steps.

  • First of all Download MIUI 10 or MIUI 9 Third party themes. For this, you can get the help of your search engine like Google. Alternatively, you can use this link.

  • Once you Download the MIUI Third Party Themes in dot MTZ format.

  • Move the Theme on your Device external or internal storage.

  • Now On your device Launch the Google Play Store

  • Download Theme Editor for MIUI

  • After downloading the App Launch it.

  • The UI of the App is Neat and Simple.

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How to Apply Third Party Theme on MIUI

Select your MIUI Version (my device is running on MIUI 10, so I'm choosing the 9.5+ or later)

Theme Editor for MIUI

  • Now Choose between, Pick a Theme and Browse.

  • If you want to edit your current theme, then select Pick a theme option

  • But we don’t want to Edit Current Themes so Select Browse.

  • Now locate the earlier downloaded MIUI Third-Party Themes.

  • After selecting the Theme Tap on Start.

  • If you want to edit something like details, fonts, icons, notification panels, lock screen, etc., edit here.

  • If not then Tap on Next.

  • In the next page, you can give the desired name to your Theme.

  • At the last Tap on Finish and Install.

  • Now your new Third-Party Theme is applied on your Devices.

Note:- If you try to install the official MIUI theme app in these themes, you can not Install it because Xiaomi doesn't allow the third Party Theme Installation. So the only method is that install it via the Theme Editor for MIUI. So in this way, you can Install Third-Party Themes on MIUI 10 Devices.

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Final Verdict

So the final verdict is that if you want to Install a third party theme on your MIUI based devices, then this method is a universal method. Because You do not need to root your device. You can use this method on both MIUI 9 and MIUI 10 based devices. So now Try to Install Third-Party Themes on MIUI 10 Devices.

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