Download latest SuperSU Zip | Root Android Phone With SuperSu using TWRP Recovery

Root Android Phone With SuperSu Zip using TWRP Recovery.

Android is an open source platform, which means you can do anything you want with your smartphone. Any things mean you can Customize your Android OS (Operating System). An Android phone, you can install a third-party theme on it, customize the status bar, navigation bar, settings menu, notification panel, gesture, even you can change the whole OS (operating system). For all these things you need to Root your device and How you can root your device. Well for this you need to flash a SuperSu Zip file on your Android Phone. What is SuperSu, and all the things regarding Android Root or customization we will discuss later in this Guide? 

What is Root or Rooting

Before flashing the SuperSu zip file on your device. It is essential for us to know that What is the Rooting. First of all, Rooting doesn't mean Hacking because some people think Rooting and Hacking are the same. They think after rooting the device, they can Hack anyone wifi password, hack facebook, etc. So please don’t compare the Rooting with Hacking. Now what the mean of Rooting. Rooting for Android means to get access to the Root directory of your Smartphone. In Simple Word, You can Remove the Limitation and Restriction of Android. You know very well what you can do after removing the Limitation and restriction.

How to Install Magisk on Any Android Device

Benefits of Rooting

  • As I said earlier Now you can access the System level files on your device.

  • You can Install Custom Kernal.

  • Uninstall bloatware or unwanted apps on your device

  • You can Install different types of Mods such as Dolby Atmos, Viper4Android, Greenify(root level), etc.

  • One of the best and our favorite now you can Install the Xposed Framework.

12 Best Rooted Apps for Your Android Phone

What is SuperSU

Now coming to the main point What is SuperSu and How to Install it. SuperSU is an app that allows keeping track of all the root granted android apps on your Phone that need Root Access permissions. In a Simple word, after installing the SuperSu or SuperSu zip on your device, Now you have full control of your Android device in your hand. Means you can access the system level files and Customize the system level changes on your device.

The Chanifire SuperSu Utility manages the Root Access on your device. The SuperSu apps allow to for advanced Management of Superuser access permission for all the apps on your Android Phone that Need Root. There are several ways to root Android devices, but there is no one widely known as SuperSu Zip. So in this Guide, I tell you how you can Root an Android device using SuperSu. 

The battle of Custom ROM


Make Sure your Device bootloader is Unlocked. (How to unlock the bootloader of a xiaomi device)

A custom Recovery (TWRP, RedWolf) should also be Installed on your Phone. (How to Install TWRP Recovery on any android device)

Don’t forget to take a full backup of your Entire device.

Download Latest SuperSu zip

To Install a SuperSu on your device first of all download SuperSu Zip and SuperSu APK file.

Note:- The stable update does not contain the latest features but there are fewer bugs and issues, on the other hand, Beta version has supported the newer version of Android. So if you want latest features then Install the Beta version.

How to Install SuperSu Zip Using TWRP Recovery

  • The Installation Process is very easy First of all Move the SuperSu zip file on your device internal storage.

  • Now turn off your Phone

  • Once the device is turned off, Now boot your Android device into Recovery Mode. For this hold the Volume up+power key simultaneously for a few seconds. (it’s not necessary this process is the same on all devices may be it’s different on your device so please search on Google)

  • Once Your device is booted into Recovery mode, first of all, take a full backup of your current ROM. For this Hit on the Backup button Swipe left to right to take a full backup.

  • Once done, it’s time to flash SuperSu zip on your device.

  • Tap on Install, locate the earlier downloaded SuperSu zip file and Install it.

  • Select the SuperSu file and Flash it.

  • Swipe to confirm the flash.

  • Now tap on Reboot System.

That’s it finally the SuperSu zip is flash on your device, and Now your device is Rooted.  

How to verify your device is Rooted

If you have done the above process successfully. Now if you want to confirm if your device is rooted or not then Download Root Checker APK from the Play Store.

After downloading launch the app. If Root checker app says root access available, then it means now your device is rooted.

How to Uninstall SuperSu?

  • Like the installation, Uninstallation process is also very simple.

  • Launch the SuperSu app

  • Go to SuperSu settings

  • Scroll down and find the cleanup option.

  • Tap on Full Unroot option to uninstall the SuperSu zip

  • Tap on continue

  • After this once reboot your device. Enjoy now your Phone is fully unrooted.

  • if you want to confirm that is your device is unrooted or not, then again use the root checker app.

  • Alternatively, you can Flash the UnSu zip file for uninstalling the SuperSu from your device.

  • So Uninstall the SuperSu and Unroot android device.

Best SuperSu Alternative

The complete Guide is about SuperSu and SuperSu zip, but Honestly, I don't recommend you to install SuperSU zip on your device. Because today the best option of SuperSu is available in the market and that is Magisk. Magiks is one of the best alternatives to SuperSu.

However, the work of both SuperSu and Magisk is the same, but in some instances, Magisk is better than the SuperSu.

For example, after installing the SuperSu on your device, you can not run the banking or financially related apps, on the other hand, if you install the Magisk, you can run the all types of apps rooted, unrooted even the banking apps on your Android Phone. Read the full Guide of Magisk

How to Switch from SuperSu to Magisk

  • After reading about Magisk, you understand why Magisk is better than the SuperSu. 

  • Download UnSU zip file

  • Download Magisk Zip and Magisk APK file

  • After downloading Move both files on your device internal storage.

  • Now boot your Android device into Recovery mode.

  • Tap on Install

  • Select UnSu zip file and Flash it.

  • After flashing this again Tap on Install

  • Select Magisk Zip file and Flash it.

  • Once done Tap on Reboot System.

  • After Rebooting.

  • GoTo your File Explorer and Install Magisk APK file (as a regular apk file).

  • Now go to your app drawer section and here you can see a new app called Magisk.

So in this way you can enjoy the Magisk features on your android device. If this method does not work then tap here.

Final Verdict

Finally, the SuperSu is Installed on your device, and Now your android device is rooted. You can Install some Popular Apps that works only a rooted android device such as Xposed Framework, Viper4android, etc. As I said earlier, Magisk is better than SuperSu so once try to install Magisk on your device.

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