Download Latest Magisk Manager and Magisk Zip 19 and Root Any Android Phone

Download Latest Magisk Manager and Magisk Zip 19 and Root Any Android Phone

If you are an Android device user, then you probably heard the name of SuperSu. SuperSu basically Root your android device. Magisk also does the same thing. However, SuperSu and Magisk do the same things but in 2017 Magisk completely change the way of Rooting. Magisk is the best alternative to SuperSU. Because with the Magisk you can do a lot more things such as Now you can run the Financially related apps on your device. What Magisk can do, we will talk later in this Post. Today Most People have started installing Magisk Manager on their Device instead of SuperSU.

Watch the Whole Process in Video

What is Magisk Manager and Magisk Zip

In a Simple Word Magisk basically, Root your Android device and give the Root Access Permission to those apps that require the Root permissions. If you are confused about What is Root or Rooting? When you have Root Permissions, you can change the system level changes on your device. Like you can See the Wifi Password, Access the System Files, Hide status bar and so on. You can do the same things on SuperSu, but With Magisk Manager, you can do a lot more things that you can not do with SuperSu. Now you can Run the Banking Application on your Android Phone also Magisk Zip can Install Updates on your device. Magisk Manager and Magisk Zip both are same. Magisk Manager is an Application, on the other hand, Magisk Zip is a Flashable zip file that you can Install with the Magisk Manager. Note:- Magisk Manager without Magisk zip file is nothing.

List of 12 Best Rooted Apps for a Rooted Android Phone

Features and Advantages of Magisk

Systemless Root:- The Main advantages of Magisk that Now you can carry out System and Vendor Modification Without tampering with the System Partition.

Magisk Hide:- This is one of the best and My favorite features in Magisk. What can this Feature do? If you want to Run a banking or financially related apps, then you can use this feature to Cover the Root Permissions.

Magisk Manager Modules:-  Magisk Manager is also a good alternative of Xposed Framework because Magisk Manager comes with built-in Modules that can customize your device.

OTA (Over the Air) Updates:- After installing Magisk you can easily Install all the OTA updates on your Phone.

Install Systemless Xposed Framework:- Magisk comes with lots of Modules, but if you still want to install xposed framework on your device, then you can Install Systemless xposed Framework on your device with the help of Magisk.

Uninstall Magisk:- In case if you want to uninstall Magisk On your device, then you can. Yes, you don’t need any third-party apps to Uninstall magisk because Magisk comes with an Uninstall Option Simply Tap on it and Uninstall or Remove Magisk from your device.

Google SafetyNet Check:- Pass Google’s SafetyNet tests even when your phone is rooted.

In a Simple word, You can do a lot more things after installing the Magisk on your Android Phone.

Magisk vs. SuperSu

Right now we will not discuss a detailed review of Magisk and SuperSU. However, the work of both apps is the same (Root). I already said that Magisk give you some extra features and I have told all the features above. In a simple word if you are thinking about Rooting your device, then I recommend You Install the Magisk on your Device instead of SuperSu.

How to install Magisk

If you want to install Magisk on your android device then first main things

Make sure your Android device Bootloader is Unlocked. This is the first and Main things. How to Unlock Bootloader of any Xiaomi devices.

Second Take a Full Backup of your entire device.

I will show you two method, So Choose between which one you like.

Download Latest Version of Magisk Manager apk & Zip

Magisk Beta 19.4

Download Magisk Stable Recent Update Magisk Zip 19

Download Stable version of Magisk Zip (Stable 18.0)

Beta Version 18 of Magisk

Download Magisk Manager latest version 6.1.0

Magisk Manager Version 7.3.4

A previous version of Magisk

Most recent Magisk Zip Changelog

[ResetProp] Update to AOSP upstream to support serialized system properties

[MagiskInit] Randomize Magisk service names to prevent detection (e.g., FGO)

[MagiskSU] New communication scheme to communicate with Magisk Manager

Latest Magisk 19 or above support the Android 10 Update.

Step to Install Magisk Systemless interface on Android

As I said earlier, I will show you two methods to Install Magisk on your Android device. Using both methods is easy, you can try any of them.  

Install Magisk Zip using TWRP Recovery

Install Magisk with the Help of TWRP Recovery. This is one of the easy and my favorite method to install magisk on any Android device. Before installing Magisk through TWRP, we must know that What is TWRP.

TWRP is a Custom Recovery Which offers far more features and functionality than the default Stock Recovery. Not only TWRP you can also use the RedWolf, OraangeFox, Philz and CWM Custom Recovery instead of TWTP. At first glance, all the recovery work same. If you want to know more about Custom Recovery, then read my old Post. What is Custom Recovery? How to Install Custom Recovery on any Android device. The battle of Custom Recovery TWRP vs. RedWolf Vs. OrangeFox.

Flashing Process of Magisk Through TWRP (Custom Recovery)

  • If TWRP or any custom recovery is installed on your device, then you can go to the next step.

  • Now download and Move the Latest Magisk Zip file on your device internal storage.

  • After this Boot your android device into Recovery Mode.

  • How to boot android device into recovery mode. (different Smartphone Manufacturer has a different process so search it on Google)

  • In TWRP Recovery Tap on Install

  • Simply locate the earlier downloaded Magisk zip file.

  • Now select the Magisk, Once selected Swipe to confirm the flash.

  • Wait 10-15 seconds

  • When the flashing process is complete.

  • Tap on Reboot System and Reboot your Phone.

Now the Magisk Zip file is flashed on your device, but still, you can not access the Magisk on your device. However, Magisk Zip file is flashed, but Magisk Manager apk is still missing on your device. So now without any further delay Install Magisk Apk (as a normal apk) on your Device.

Now go to your App Drawer section, and here you can see your recently installed App Magisk.

Finally, the Latest Magisk is successfully Installed on your device.  

Install Magisk Zip file Using Patch Stock boot Image

This Method is not so hard but a little bit complicated. You Need a Computer for this process also make sure ADB driver is installed on your device. How to Installed ADB driver.

  • Now, first of all, you need to grab the Stock boot image on your device (current firmware). For this, you can use the tools like CM2, Miracle Box, NCK, etc.

  • Move the Boot image file on your device internal storage or SD card.

  • Install Magisk Manager apk file on your Phone.

  • After installing Launch the Magisk Manager

  • Tap on Install

Magisk zip

  • Now a pop-up window will appear select Install again.

  • Select Patch boot Image file.

  • Navigate to the Internal or external storage and select your device's boot image that you transferred earlier.

  • Now Magisk will strat Patching the boot Image.

  • Once Patched, Copy the patched_boot.img file to your device's internal storage.

  • Now Move this Patched file on your PC Where you have installed the ADB drivers.

  • In the ADB driver folder, Hold the Shift button and Right-click on a space.

  • Select option open PowerShell (or Command) window here (in Windows 10)

  • Now Boot your Device Into Fastboot Mode (Hold the Volume down and Power key simultaneously for few seconds)

  • In fastboot mode, connect your device with your PC via the USB cable.

  • In your command window shell Type your first command

  • Fastboot Flash boot patched_boot.img

  • Once done type one more command

  • Fastboot reboot

Once Your Device is Reboot, Again go to your device App drawer section, Launch the Magisk Manager app and confirm that the installation was successful.

So in this way, you can easily Install Magisk Without the TWRP Recovery.

How to Make sure your device is rooted

After all the process Magisk has been successfully Installed on your Phone. Now if you want to confirm whether your Phone is rooted or not.

Root Checker

  • After downloading Open the App, if Magisk is successfully installed on your device, then it will pop-up a Root checker permission.

  • At last Root checker app, show you whether your device is rooted or not.

Root checker process

How to Uninstall Magisk or Unroot Android

Now, in case you want to Unroot your android device or wish to Uninstall Magisk on Your Device, then it’s quite easy. You don’t need Magisk Uninstaller app or zip file for this.

  • Launch the Magisk Manager App

  • Tap on Uninstall button to Uninstall Magisk from your Android device.         

  • Confirm the Uninstallation.

  • Once the process is complete, Reboot your Phone

After Rebooting, Magisk is Uninstall on your device, and Now your device is Unrooted. You can also use the Root Checker app for confirmation.

An alternative way is also available for Uninstallation Simply Flash the Magisk Uninstaller Zip file via the TWRP recovery.

Final Verdict

So, guys, I hope this guide will be helpful for you because I have included almost everything about Magisk in this article. For the installation, I recommend you to use the TWRP (or custom) recovery method. TWRP or Custom recovery installation is also very easy you can read my other post for this.

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