3 Best Custom Recovery For Android Devices – 2019

Best Custom Recovery in 2019

If you want to do anything with your Android device, anything means? You want to modify it, Root it, Want to install a Custom ROM and different types of tweaks then probably you need a CR (Custom Recovery) for your android device. Because all these things not possible without the help of CR. So today Yrltech will show you three best custom recovery for your Android device that meets your needs in 2019.

What is Android Custom Recovery

What is Custom Recovery a CR basically replace your original Stock recovery? All Android devices come with own Stock recovery, but Stock recovery cannot do things that a CR can. For example, flashing custom ROMs, custom zip files, Custom images, Full Nandroid backups and more. If you want to know more about the best custom recovery, then click here.

How to Install a Custom Recovery

All Android devices Come with a locked bootloader for security and privacy reasons. So if you want to install a CR, first unlock your phone's bootloader. Now, How to Unlock Android Device Bootloader. The bootloader unlocking process is different on all android devices However CR installation process is the same on all Android devices. So the first process is that first of all unlock your device bootloader for this search on Google How to unlock the bootloader of your device manufacturer name. How to unlock Bootloader of xiaomi device. Now how to choose the best custom recovery for your android device.

Best Custom Recovery for Android devices

In 2019 choosing the best CR is a little bit complicated. 2015-16 famous Recovery CWM and Philz is outdated today. Today if you want to install a CRon your android device then, First of all, check whether your CR supports the project Treble features. Yes, CR should be a feature of Project Treble in 2019. What is Project Treble? Here is the list of Best Custom recovery for your android device.

List of 12 Best Rooted Apps for your android

TWRP Recovery

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) is one of the best and famous Android CR. This recovery is an Open Source Recovery for Android. The best thing about TWRP is that this Recovery is available for almost all Android devices. The latest update of this Custom recovery is Support the Project Treble features. In 2019, Project treble is an essential part of any Custom Recovery. Best TWRP Alternative. 

TWRP Recovery Features

  • Latest TWRP recovery 3.2.3-0 Support!

  • Fix automatic installing of OTA zips on encrypted devices

  • Remove SuperSU from TWRP

  • Support both md5 and md5sum file extensions when doing MD5 checking for zip files.

  • Bug Fixe and Many More

We have included TWRP Recovery in the Best Custom Recovery List because first, TWRP is supporting the Wide range of Android devices. Second It Supports the Project Treble features. (Note:- if your device support the Project Treble features then this features is works on your device)

Download TWRP Recovery

RedWolf Recovery

If you are a Xiaomi device user, then I would recommend that if this CR is available for your device, then install it. This recovery is based on the TWRP open source program.

  • Always up-to-date

  • Simple material design

  • MIUI OTA Support

  • Password Protection

  • Disable DM-Variety & Forced encryption

  • Backup All Partition

  • Project Treble Support

  • Built-in Magisk, Super SU

  • Flashlight support

  • Latest update (V3.2._27) support Theme Red/White/Black

I used this CR on my Redmi Note 4, and I found that this Recovery is better than the TWRP recovery because This recovery has many features, which are Missing in the TWRP recovery. That’s why we add this Recovery in our best custom recovery list. The only downside of this Recovery is that like the TWRP this recovery is not available for all Android devices. RWRP support only limited devices.

Download RedWolf Recovery

OrangeFox Recovery

Like Redwolf RWRP, the name of OFRP is also new in the Custom Recovery category. This Recovery also based on TWRP Open Source program. This Recovery is the only available for xiaomi devices.

  • Support Treble and Non-Treble ROM’s

  • Up-to-date

  • Update with the latest TWRP

  • Built-in Support Magis, SuperSu and Camera 2Api

  • Aroma File Manager

  • MIUI OTA Support

  • Fox Theme engine

  • Choice of colors

  • Lock screen and Password Protected.

We add this Recovery in our Best Custom Recovery Category because this is the best alternative to RWRP. The Features of Redwolf and Orange Fox is almost the same. So if Redwolf recovery is not available for your device then try to install Orangefox recovery.

Download Orange Fox recovery

Which Custom Recovery is the best

Well, the answer to this question is not so hard because at first glance all recovery works same. The main work of CR is flashing a custom rom, custom images, wiping, full Nandroid backup, etc. And all the recoveries do all these things very well. However works is same but if you want some extra features like Theme Support, Password protection, Colors, flashlight, etc. then go with Redwolf and OrangeFox Recovery. If Redwolf and OFRP are not available for your android device, then Install TWRP. Choose the best Custom Recovery for your android device in 2019.

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