How to Unlock Bootloader of any Xiaomi Device using Xiaomi Mi Unlock App

Without any doubt, Xiaomi is Indian No. 1 best-selling smartphone. Today mostly all people (7 out of 10) use Xiaomi devices. And friends you know very well the craze of Xiaomi phone is increasing day by day, and it is also true that Xiaomi Devices are Popular all over the world because of their excellent performance. Also, the UI of Xiaomi devices is very friendly and customizable. Like all other devices, Xiaomi Phones also come with the Locked Bootloader, due to some security reasons. And you can easily unlock a xiaomi device using Xiaomi Mi unlock Tool or App. Unlocking the Bootloader of Xiaomi devices is a little bit complicated because it takes around 3-4 days sometimes even more.

So in this post, I show you how you can easily unlock Your xiaomi device bootloader, so just follow these simple step. Before unlocking your device Bootloader.

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What is Bootloader unlocking Process?

I don’t want to write in deeply. When you unlock your device Bootloader, you can do everything that you want with your smartphone. When you unlock your device Bootloader, you can flash Custom ROM, Custom recovery, Root Permission even more.
With this Post method, you can easily Unlock your Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Mi A1, Mi A2, and More.

Unlocking of Bootloader will lose your Device warranty
I’m not responsible for any damage


  • A Computer

  • One USB cable

  • Xiaomi USB driver

  • Mi Flash Unlock Tool

  • And last Obusily a Xiaomi device.
    So now let’s start the whole process take around 10-15 min.

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Download Xiaomi Mi Unlock Tool

The very first process is that first of all getting the Permission. To put in an Appeal, open your web browser and go to the official MiUi Website. and click on this Big Unlock Now button. On the Next Page, you can see this type of Page Download Mi Unlock. Obusily first of all download and install this Mi Unlock Tool.


Apply for Xiaomi Unlocking Permission

Xiaomi Mi Unlock ToolAfter this Open the app, click on Agree, on this Page simply Log-in with your Mi Account. Note:- make sure that you log in with the same Account on the device and Mi Unlock Tool.

How to fill Mi Unlock FormAfter sign-in Just fill this Form with a proper reason to Unlock Your device. Filling the form is very easy Just enter your Name, your country Code, Mobile No. In the 3rd section write a proper reason to unlock your Phone Bootloader. At last Click on Apply. In the last page, Finish your Mobile verification. Enter the code that you have received on your device. Now everything is depended on this Code because sometimes this code is received at the same time. On the other hand, sometimes this code takes around 3-4 days to receive.

Mi Unlock permission submitWhen you get the Code, enter the code in this box and click on Next. After successful Phone Verification, you will be getting this type of Page. So be patient. Unless your application is reviewed

If everything goes well, you will get approval notification on your mobile through SMS. After getting the Xiaomi Code next step to unlock the bootloader by using Mi Flash Unlock Tool.

Enable USB Dubbing Mode on Any Xiaomi Device

On your device Make sure that USB dubbing is enabled on your Xiaomi device.  How to Enable USB dubbing Mode on any Xiaomi Device Go to Settings>About Phone>Tap on 7 times on MiUi version. After this again go back. Additional Settings>Developer option> here enable OEM Unlock and USB dubbing mode, do another thing here, Tap on Mi unlock status and hit on Add Account and device option. Next step is to install the proper USB driver for your xiaomi phones.

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How to Unlock bootloader of Xiaomi device

Open your Mi Flash Unlock Tool (or Xiaomi Mi Unlock App). Enter your Mi ID. After a successful login, it will show that your Phone is not connected. So now connect your Phone with a USB cable to your Computer in Fastboot mode. Now How to Boot your device into Fastboot mode simply turn off your device, now Hold volume down + power key until you can see Mi Bunny Logo. On your PC click on Unlock option and you can see the bootloader unlocking process will start.  The process will take 1-2 min to complete the unlocking of your device. If everything goes well, you can see this type of message on your computer screen.Mi device unlocked successfully

Boom! Now your device is unlocked, and you can do anything that you want with your device.

How to Relock the Bootloader of any Xiaomi Device

Note:- If you get this type of error Current account is not bound to this device, then please wait around 15 days.

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Unlocking bootloader of Xiaomi Phones is not so hard. And one more thing unlock your device bootloader only if you really need if you have any knowledge about Rooting, custom Rom, Root, and recoveries. And this is the simplest guide ever to unlock your device bootloader.

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