How to Install TWRP & Redwolf Custom Recovery on any Android Device

If you are an Android device user, then you probably heard the name of Custom Recovery. A custom recovery like TWRP, CWM, and Redwolf recovery, All these recoveries are famous. Especially TWRP. And the name of the Redwolf recovery is new in custom recovery. Anyway, whatever the recovery. First things, the installation method of all custom recovery is the same, and the works of mostly all custom recovery are the same.

What is Custom Recovery (TWRP & Redwolf?)

What is Custom RecoveryIf you don’t know anything about Custom Recovery (Redwolf & TWRP), let me introduce to you. Custom recovery is an essential tool that loves to modify their Android smartphone. TWRP, CWM, Philz, and Redwolf are a custom recovery. However, one of the famous and popular custom Recovery is TWRP. The reason for TWRP Success, it supports thousands of devices and the first touch-based interface that make this Recovery more powerful. Another recovery in this list is Redwolf. Currently, I’m using this Recovery on my Redmi Note 4. If we compare this Recovery to TWRP, then Redwolf recovery is better than the TWRP. However, there is only one problem. Redwolf recovery is available only for some devices.

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What you can do after Installing a Custom Recovery

You can do anything after installing the TWRP and Redwolf Recovery. You will be able to update your android device to the latest version. Also, you can customize your phone. You will be able to root your Android device using TWRP and Redwolf Recovery. And one of the best things that we like you can install a new Custom ROM on your device. You will be able to install the Xposed Framework on your device. In a simple word, you can do everything after installing the custom recovery.

Watch the Entire Process in Video


  • Make sure your device Bootloader is unlocked.

  • Make sure your device is fully charged, at least 60%

  • Follow the step correctly if anything will happen we are not responsible

Best Custom Recovery for Android device

How to Install TWRP Custom Recovery on Your Android Phone

Before installing any custom ROMs, one of the main things to ensure that your phone's Bootloader is unlocked. And how to unlock the Bootloader of any android device Please search it on Google. How to unlock Bootloader of any Xiaomi phone. If your device is already unlocked, then you are eligible to install the latest Version of TWRP or Redwolf Recovery on any Android Phone.

So now coming to the main process of installing TWRP and Redwolf recovery on any android device. We will go through a couple of different Steps that you can use to install the Custom recovery. Before we get started, first of all, enable USB Debugging on your Android device. How to Enable USB dubbing Mode on any android device.

Fastboot ADB Method

This is an ADB method so first of all install ADB Driver on your Computer. After installing ADB driver, Download TWRP or Redwolf Recovery Zip file for your device. Here we recommend to you first that you try to install TWRP because Redwolf Recovery is currently not available for all devices. Open the official TWRP site select your device manufacturer under this list select your device name and download latest TWRP for your device. After download TWRP recovery, transfer this recovery to your computer's ADB folder. Now open your ADB folder or where your TWRP recovery zip file is saved. Before doing anything, connect your Android Phone to the Computer in Fastboot mode.

ADB driversHow to boot your device into fastboot mode. Open Command Prompt Window Inside the ADB folder, to do that, Hold the Shift key and press the Right click on Your Mouse on any empty white space inside the folder and then Select open Command Windows here (Note: if you are a Windows 10 user then maybe you can see the Open PowerShell Window here instead of the open command windows here.)

Fastboot Command Process

Now type the fast command “Fastboot Devices” With this command, you will know that your device is properly connected to your computer or not. Once your device is properly connected to your computer, then type the Next Command. “Fastboot flash recovery Redwolf. Img” here Redwolf is my recovery name. Here modify Redwolf. Img with the name of your recovery. You can see a process on your computer screen. Once the Redwolf or TWRP recovery is successfully flashed on your device. Type the last and final command to boot your device into recovery mode “Fastboot boot Redwolf. Img” with this command your device is boot into recovery mode, and now you can see a new custom recovery on your device. That’s all!!! This is how you can install TWRP and Redwolf on your android phone using the Fastboot method.

It is true that you can install custom recovery without using a computer, but you will need a computer to unlock your device Bootloader.

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How to Install Custom Recovery without PC

To use this method, your device will need to be rooted, and your device Bootloader will need to be unlocked. This is because the app that Install uses Root access permission. 

First up, you’ll need to install the app that will help you install a custom recovery on your device. So simply launch the Google Play Store and download an app called flashify. After downloading open the app and the app will ask for root access permission, so tap on Grant on the Superuser popup. This app is pretty simple after opening the app the option presented to you will consist of a Boot image, recovery image, and zip file. Under the backup and restore tab, you will see current backup kernel and backup current recovery option.

Watch the Full Video How to Install TWRP Recovery Without PC

Flash TWRP and Redwolf Recovery on any android device

Now it’s time to flash TWRP or Redwolf Recovery on your smartphone. So simply tap on recovery Image, nowhere if you want to install TWRP recovery than tap on Download TWRP but if you're going to flash Redwolf than select Choose a file. Before selecting this choose a file option to download the Redwolf Recovery zip file from Google and put this zip file on your device internal storage. After putting the file in your device internal storage, again open the Flashify and tap on Recovery and now select Choose a file option. After choosing this option, it will show you all zip file in your device internal storage. So from all these zip files, you have to select your earlier downloaded Redwolf recovery zip file. Tap on Confirm and install the recovery. The installation will take some time. That’s it you have successfully install Redwolf recovery on your device.

How to use a Custom Recovery

How to use TWRP recoveryHere we take an example of TWRP. Do not worry, most of the options in most recovery are the same.

  • Install – If you want to flash or install something like a custom ROM, Magisk Manager, SuperSu any zip file then choose this option.

  • Wipe – if you want to flash a new custom ROM on your device, then I recommend this option to you. Use this option to Wipe Cache, Dalvik cache, factory reset or Hard reset.

  • Backup – this is one of the main and important features of any custom ROM. Use this option to make a backup of current installed os and files.

  • Restore – To restore the previous backup of Android OS if anything goes wrong.

  • Mount – to mount the storage.

  • Settings – to change the custom recovery settings such as brightness, vibration, etc.

Final Verdict is that with this method you can install any Custom recovery on any android device. And the above method is the universal method so you can use it on any device. 

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